Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tick tock, tick tock

Found out yesterday that all the paperwork has gone to the insurance company for approval for "medical necessity." Tick tock, tick tock......

Thursday, September 22, 2011

One Giant Leap For Mankind

It's been forever since I blogged about my weight loss experiences and thought it was about time.

I finished my 3 month worth of visits with the dietitian on September 10. I went once a month and sad to say she didn't tell me anything I didn't already know. I did see some success. I lost 8 pounds in the 3 months. NOT the best weight loss I've ever had but still it is enough of a loss that my doctor is pleased.

Another HUGE success for me is that I stopped drinking carbonated beverages cold turkey. I really haven't had any desire to have them at all. For anyone who knows me they know it's a big deal because I could totally drink a 12 pack of diet Coke a day if I wanted to! I didn't have any stress headaches or anything nor did I have any craving for them.

Perhaps the biggest, and not yet overcome, problem is learning NOT to have any beverages with meals. It's really difficult. I'll be trying to do that this week. I shouldn't even put something on the table with my food. I have to wait for 30 minutes before I can drink so I need to get that figured out pretty quickly.

On Tuesday I finally had my blood drawn to prove that I am not a smoker...my insurance requires you to be nicotine free before you can have the surgery, and then all paperwork will go off to the insurance company. I am really excited about the upcoming events in my life.

I really need some new clothes but I refuse to purchase any in my current size. I have decided that I'll wait till at least Christmas to buy anything new. I'm sure I have enough sizes in boxes to get me through to the new year.

I've been thinking about clothing in a different light. I consider myself to be a fashionable woman even though I am large. I have always taken pride in what I wear and although it's not often that a person wearing a 3x can find something "cute" I think I manage to look fashionable most of the time. However, as I've looked at some outfits online in recent weeks, I can honestly envision myself wearing things that I would probably never choose now. I intend to get some really cute things when I'm thinner.

So in a few days I should be able to schedule the surgery. I was hoping for next week but some of the paperwork has taken longer than I expected. At any rate...I'm more than one step closer.

The ONE thing I'm not really looking forward to is the all liquid diet for a week before and then for 2 weeks after...NO wonder people lose weight!