Saturday, October 29, 2011

AND THE LETTER CAME..... the mail today! I got approved for surgery!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Is this an answer????

Could this be possible?

I called the insurance coordinator at my physician's office and she said that she had not heard from my insurance company on the approval yet. She said all paperwork was submitted on Oct 13. It's been 12 days so I thought...what the heck I'll call and find out.

So I just got off the phone with them and the representative said that a letter had been sent out today. One to me. One to the physician. She couldn't find a copy because it might not have been scanned in yet. I asked her if she could find the letter itself. After about 2 minutes she came back to the phone and said that she couldn't find the letter but that according to the documentation, I MEET THE CRITERA!

After I hung up the phone with her I sat there for a second after the butterflies subsided and thought..."Wonder why they don't just you're obese enough to have the surgery!"??? I guess, "You meet the criteria" is a MUCH nicer way to say the same thing!

I don't care how they say it!!!! I'm pretty excited and in a couple of days I will have "official" word and then we can set the date for surgery. In all reality it looks like it will probably be the week of the 7th or possibly the 14th. Just in time for Thanksgiving! That's one way to make sure you don't over eat! 

I can't believe that I will finally be able to break free from this body. OH trust me...I know the new body I'll have won't be beautiful. It will be quite ugly but it WILL be healthier! And honestly, I can't lie...I cannot wait to buy normal sized clothes!

Friday, October 7, 2011

I'm Waaaaiiiittttttiiiiinnnnnngggggggg....

If this takes any longer I might just be dead and not have to worry about the surgery at all! Why is it that the people who are involved this are on vacation? The insurance coordinator person at my doctor's office was out of town last week. I decided that I'd give her a few days to catch up calling back the thousands of overweight people who are waiting to hear about their approvals for surgery.

So....yesterday I finally call the office only to find out that she is OUT on Thursday and Friday THIS week too! Are you for real? Blech. I'll wait till Monday. It's Columbus Day so I hope she's not off that day too!