Saturday, March 31, 2012


So today I decided that it was time to empty out my closet of all the things that no longer fit. We are moving and there's no sense in dragging all that stuff to the new house when I can donate some, sell some at a consignment shop and trash some of it.

I pulled out one pair of Capri pants that I bought a couple of summers ago. They were my "go to" pants when I outgrew some of my larger sizes. I put them on today and they are just huge. I cannot believe that I used to wear these and have them feel tight around my waist.

I've come a long way baby! I wish the pictures really showed how big these pants really are. I'm saving them so that one day I can step into one side of them for the final "after" picture.

I gotta find a new place to take pictures. The shadow is making my hair look so gross and this isn't a great angle for my face either!

Just a few of the clothes that I'm donating (in the bags) and the ones I'm selling (in the bins). I have 2 more bins' worth of stuff in the laundry right now. Wow!!!!

This is what I have left!

This is where the clothes used to be!

Monday, March 26, 2012

120 Days

I'm not gonna lie...this last month has been rough! I've had THE hardest time getting weight to come off and I've been totally craving carbs. I have been going to the gym but not every day like I should. I've lost 8 pounds in 4 weeks which I guess isn't that bad. I'm down a total of 68 pounds. I wish you could see it better than you can in these pictures. I think the choice of outfit for my "progress" photos isn't the best.

Anyway...I know I need to change some eating more protein, getting more water in and exercising every single day. That's my goal. 2 more pounds until I'm down 70! I will go to my 2nd daughter's college graduation (and my son in law's as well) on April 20. I want to be down another 10 pounds for a total of 80. I CAN do it!

This is a picture of me from about 2 weeks ago when I got dressed to go to church. Maybe you can see the weight loss better in this photo?

The next picture was taken March 2011. I'm thinking I'm looking a lot better than I did last year at this time. What do you think?