Friday, February 5, 2010

Why bother....

So I'm thinking that since I've gotten sick and I'm taking Prednisone, that there is no sense in trying to LOSE weight at this point. I should probably focus on getting healthy rather than getting thinner.

Prednisone is not my friend either. I have gained 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks. I literally want to eat my fists off.

Anyone out there have any tips to keep this from happening? Please feel free to share.

The first step might just be NOT bringing "bad" foods into the house to begin with!


  1. I am quite visual and I picture eating your fists off. Agh!!! No more prednizone!!!
    Cathy went through that a little. She told me how others said chemo's bright side effect was weight loss, but the nausea made her eat more. In sickness, I think it's mearly impossible to be disciplined with eating. But as you said, maybe yo ucan focus on being healthy. Try to get a walk in a few times a week. Or some other things. Stretching. A few crunches! I tell myself every little thing makes a difference. I gave up soda for the most part when i wanted to lose weight. Only drank water - a gallon a day (it was a stupid beauty school thing that all us 19 yr olds did!). I lost 8 pounds! That was the easiest 8 pounds I ever lost! And yes, there were vending machines on campus and i did eat snickers!
    I am just SO glad you have felt well enough to write! So happy for you. Hang in there!
    I commented on your comment on my blog! Loved it. You are so true. I know experience teaches you and I hope to gain such perspectives when I am older.

  2. Rennie, I've been on prednisone three seperate weeks since August. I put on 10 pounds total and am having a hard time taking it off. The appetite increase never decreased. Depressing. I had lost 25 pounds and now I'm up to having lost 10 pounds which really doesn't show and is really water weight. Blegh! Boo to Prednisone but it is a wonder drug for pain and inflamation. I can't walk if I don't take motrine so I need to go back to the doctor and figure this out.