Friday, May 7, 2010

National Geographic

Erma Bombeck said, "I never leaf through a copy of National Geographic without realizing how lucky we are to live in a society where it is traditional to wear clothes."

I totally understand her thinking! There is nothing that makes a fat person more self conscious than being naked. And let's be honest, tan fat does look better than pale fat!


  1. I have laughed at this picture for the last several minutes. I love to laugh out loud by myself because I'm by myself most of the time lately. Thanks for this Rennie! I may come back here every day to look at this picture . . . and laugh. Scriptures, morning prayer and then one look at your pornography should start each day off just right! : 0 ) Love it!

  2. By the way, who has left-over chocolate . . . ever. Not me! referring to your button above right. Which reminds me, I have a Hershey Bar and a bag of m&m's in the freezer. I'm coming!!!