Thursday, April 14, 2011

Ya Gotta Want It

My son in law is a baseball player. In fact every one of the boys in his family played baseball at some point in their lives. It was so important to them that they have their own batting cage, pitching machine, and space dedicated in their yard to practicing baseball. My son in law played for his high school and college and one of his brothers even did a stint in the minor leagues. I don't know that I will ever understand the desire to practice a sport like that let alone to the point where you could do it semi-professionally.

Hanging on the wall of their barn near the batting cage is a sign that reads, "Ya Gotta Want It". Which brings me to my post today.

I haven't blogged about my "weight loss" in a while because in fact I've been doing quite the opposite. I've gained back all but 5 pounds of my last weight loss attempt. I really think I have an addiction to food. I mean before I even see it or smell it I can think about it and have such an overwhelming desire come over me to go and get a particular thing. Usually for me it's something sweet. I crave sugar. I also love bread. And salty things. And crunchy things. And and get my drift.

Anyway...when I started the blog I called it "Wake Me Up When I'm Thin" because I honestly feel like I went to bed thin and woke up fat. My first pregnancy did my body in. I've had the hardest struggle trying to get thin when what I really just wanted was to "be" thin. The difference between "be" and "do". I haven't really wanted to "do" what it takes to "be" thinner long enough to really make a difference. I'm like Veruca Salt. Remember her from the movie, Willy Wonka and The Chocolate Factory? She is the one who uttered those famous words, "I want it now!"

So here's my deal. I am trying to figure out how to engage my brain. I need to figure out how to "want" it. I need to figure out how to have the desire to lose weight more than the desire for food. If you have any suggestions I'm totally open to that. I might consider having my jaw broken on purpose! (just kidding...simmer down)

Because until I really "want" IT  (to lose weight) I won't be able to "do" IT (eat right and exercise) to "be" IT (thin-er, healthier, happier etc.)!


  1. I get it, I'm there, I totally relate. I'm seeking counseling. Never done that before but think my issues are not specific to food but other things in my life that are then exhibited through food. It becomes the answer to all the other problems. So for the first time in my life...I will seek some guidance from someone else. Something I said I'd never do EVER. I always thought that counseling was great for others but for me... it would be a sign of weakness if I accepted such help and my pride or self sufficiency or whatever it is has kept me from it. I have not sought to find someone who counsels specific to eating problems but someone who can simply work on ME and that I feel I can trust. That is what I need help with - ME. ;) Probably won't get to start though for over another month or more. I found the person I trust, now I just have to wait for her to formally set up her business.

  2. The 2 hardest things in this journey are starting, and being consistent.

    Also, I am a food addict as well. The bonus is that because I took an hour and ran 8 miles this morning, I have (sort of) 800 calories of guilt free eating!

  3. I know that I need to get out and move more. That would at least allow me to eat a little but without the guilt.