Friday, May 6, 2011

And ....

In order to get an appointment I have to go to a seminar by the surgeon so I've scheduled it for June 1. I'm rather excited about it. I see the testimonials of people who have undergone the surgery and I get giddy thinking about the possibility of my own transformation.

Heaven knows that I'll either have to have surgery to get rid of all the skin or just tuck it into my underwear! Either way I'll be healthier and feel better about myself.

I have been tracking my food again on WW and am down 1.8 this week. It feels good but it's such a small dent in a very large (pardon the pun) problem.

In the meantime I'm following the blog of the friend of a friend. It's pretty funny and I relate because I always say I have two in the back and one in the front! You might enjoy this blog too....My Other Butt.

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  1. The slower you lose, the less likely you are to have skin that needs tucked into your underwear!! I know, that's no fun.. losing slowly... but giving your skin time to catch up is a good thing! It also helps a ton to exercise a LOT where the loose skin is concerned! The very thought of wearing extra large underwear to hold all that skin is super motivating for me... just sayin!! :)
    I'm very excited for you!! Looking forward to following your journey! :)