Wednesday, December 14, 2011

4 Weeks Post Op

Hard to believe that 4 weeks ago I had my surgery! I'm feeling back to normal physically and can pretty much do what I want. I need to start walking again if the weather would cooperate. It's probably time to join a gym since the weather here will only get worse over the next couple of months. are the latest stats...I got on the scale this morning and I am down 23.6 pounds since the surgery and 35.6 since my initial consultation in June. I've also lost a total of 17 inches off my body.

When I get dressed there are some clothes that appear larger to me than I remember them being. I'm sure that's because my body is getting smaller and my perspective is changing. It feels good to be able to fit into some things that I haven't worn for a while. In another 4 weeks I will have to purchase some new clothes. THAT will feel even better! I'm just trying to make due with what I have for the time being. Most all of my jeans are too big. I have one pair that fit and I'll wear those until they are falling off.

I finally went to the nutritionist yesterday for my 2 week follow up. She reminded me that I need to eat more protein. Protein helps you lose weight. I am supposed to eat 60 grams of protein a day. Yesterday I got it all in and got on the scale this morning to see a victory. It's wonderful.

So far I am able to tolerate most things. I had BBQ chicken for dinner last night but could only eat about 1/4 of a chicken breast. I also had steamed broccoli and carrots. A good dinner and filling. I am still dealing with issues about my head hunger and my sweet tooth. It helps when I can see the numbers on the scale going down. In another .4 pounds I'll be into the next lowest 10's! I haven't seen those numbers in a long time...since 2002.

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