Sunday, February 19, 2012

90 Days Post op

I wish I could say that I'm down another 10 pounds to make it an even 60 but I'm down a total of 58.2 pounds. I am praying that I can be down the other 1.8 by tomorrow...a follow up appointment with my doctor.

I've been at a little plateau for about a week...the week of my birthday AND Valentine's Day. Maybe there is a coincidence? Although I have to say that after almost a week there is still cake left on the dish and it's probably time to throw it out. 

Some things about the last 3 weeks:

I'm wishing I could actually get sick when eating carbs but unfortunately that is not a problem for me. I haven't really had any negative side effects from this surgery. No hair loss, no nausea and vomiting, no aversion to foods. I have thrown up (TMI-sorry) once after eating and it was after I ate a totally protein packed lunch. Not sure why I threw up because it wasn't a virus or anything and I felt fine once I had vomited. It's weird...but then again so is my body soooo.

I can still only eat small portions which is great and I find that when I am really hungry I can hurt myself by eating too fast. I am still a carbohydrate addict. I really would prefer carbs to protein any day and have to make a conscious effort to eat more protein.

The first pic the before (pre-op) and today and the other one is pre-op, 1 month, 2 months and today. It might be hard to tell the difference but I feel so much better.


  1. You can totally see your collar bones...and that to me is always a big deal. That means your getting skinny! Congrats! Hope today went well at the Dr.!