Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Keep On Keepin' On

After gaining .2 pounds last week and overcoming the mental challenge of being a "gainer" and not a "loser" I lost another 3.8 pounds this last week for a grand total of 15.4 pounds! I'm excited.

I'm able to wear some of the clothes I bought last year after I'd lost 30 pounds (between Weight Watchers and being sick) and am looking better in some of my other clothes.

When I think about the fact that I've lost the equivalent of 3 sacks of flour it really boggles my mind!

I'm still tracking on Weight Watchers e-tools and enjoying food. Last week I took a friend to lunch. I made the mistake of not knowing where we were going to eat, it was her birthday so I let her choose.

She chose Olive Garden. Don't chose Olive Garden if you're on a diet. There isn't too much to choose from there. You can have pasta e fagioli soup, and a bread stick for like 4 points but one serving of their salad is 9 points! WHAT?! For real!

Anyway...we were celebrating. I had salad, one bread stick and pasta e fagioli soup, so not too awful but then we shared an appetizer of fried lasagna things. That sucker had 13 points just for my half and then we shared dessert which was another 8 points or something. My exact point count for that one meal was 26 points! WHOA!

I didn't eat dinner that night, I wasn't hungry. Who would be?!

I did eat things I wanted to and tracked and made good choices for the most part. I still want chocolate and do eat it now and then and as long as I don't feel deprived I'm good.

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