Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Sometimes it's good when nothing changes

Let me just say...last week was not good in the weight loss category of my life. I did not track ONE single item of food I ate. I don't think I ever opened up E-tools on the Weight Watcher website other than to record my weight.

I had a lot going on and just didn't want to face the music. When I knew I had partaken of too many chips or other little goodies, I just attempted to eat a light dinner. Honestly I had no delusions that I would see any loss this week and I fully expected to see a higher number today.

Typically, I go to the meeting at noon but I needed to get some things done and went to an earlier meeting instead. It was PACKED! There we were, a room full of fatties, used to be fatties and semi-fatties. I didn't even have to go into the meeting room to know it was full. While I was checking in I could hear all of the voices and sensed a packed house.

I checked in and hopped (well..seriously what fat person hops?...Ok I stepped gingerly on the scale...maybe gingerly isn't a good description either. Thin people can step gingerly) I stepped onto the scale wishing with all my might that I had lost weight.

In our Weight Watchers office they put the digital read out thing right there on the counter so that you can see it. I NEVER look over at anyone else's weight. It's like a secret Weight Watcher's code that you never look over at another person while they're standing on the scale. It would be like continuing to watch a person you had caught picking their nose. It would be an embarrassment to both of you if they caught you staring so you just keep your head facing your own read out.

Anyway...I could see the number and it was the SAME as last week! Whew! So I stepped off the scale and put my shoes on. Then the gal said, "Oh darn, can you step back up there." It was as if I hoped the number would have gone down another pound or two during those 30 seconds but alas, when I got back on the scale the number was still the same. So she made note of it and then started to hand me my book.

Her: " reached 20 pounds lost!"
Me: "Really?"
Her: "Yes, look."
Me: "Oh, I'm pretty sure you wrote that last number wrong, I believe it's a 7 and not a 1."
Her: "Well, I don't think so but step on the scale again."

At this point the other lady working there looked up and said, "Are you making a career out of it over there?"

"Yeah right...I love the scale!"...thoughts in my mind...for once my filter kicked in and I didn't say what I was thinking!.

So of course I was right but for a brief second I hoped.

Me: "I knew it couldn't be right because I never tracked one single thing and I just knew that it would take an act of God for that scale to have shown a loss."

I am happy to have stayed the same. If there is one thing I learned this week it's that you can't possibly keep track of all you're eating if you don't write it down. I also learned that when I eat junk I have to remember that I have less real food to eat and I don't feel as good.

Here's to a better week, tracking and all.

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