Wednesday, January 19, 2011

I'm A Thinker

My parents had a replica of Rodin's "Thinker" sculpture in their house when I was a kid. My dad made some alterations to it with "Liquid Paper" and gave him some underwear. I always thought it was pretty funny.

Anyway...I'm a thinker. I tend to have common sense when it comes to lots of things. However, I do not appear to have ANY common sense at all when it comes to food. I think about the food and I think about not eating it and sometimes I even push the thoughts out of my mind and move on to other things but most of the time when I think about food I find something to eat. It's a real problem.

As I've thought about addictions I've wondered if having an addiction to food could be treated the way an alcoholic is treated for their addiction or a drug addict is treated for their addiction. Granted, you don't HAVE to have alcohol or drugs to survive. You do HAVE to eat however! So having an addiction to food is BAD because you can't just say..."I will not eat today." and live a healthy life.

I had lunch today with someone who made me think about joining Overeaters Anonymous. I'm thinking about it. I am addicted to food. The way it tastes, smells, feels in my mouth, crunches, the saltiness, the sweetness, the chocolatey yummy goodness. I love it all. I eat when I am happy, sad, stressed, bored, satisfied, with friends, alone...pretty much any time.

Other than falling off the back of a pick up truck and having my jaw wired shut (I know a girl that this happened to and she got very thin very quickly) I think that Overeaters Anonymous may be something that might help me.

I've done Weight Watchers and know what to eat but I need to deal with the mental issues of why, how, where, what I eat. So...I'm thinking...

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  1. We have a family friend who did this. She was very successful and still remains so. She does look at it like a disease, which I agree with, but sometimes takes it a little too seriously when discussing it with others. I am one who says it is good to try everything. How are you going to konw if it will/won't work for you if you don't try it? I have been trying to do p90x for 3 weeks now. I have been successful at getting my workout in everyday for 3 weeks straigh (taking Sundays off). I have seen a change in my pants and shirts fitting differently, but I have not seen a differenc in the scale which is frustrating me. 3 weeks and 1.5 lbs? Are you kidding me? I refuse to give up though. So hopefully it kicks in soon or I will be depressed forever! It is frustrating to hear people tell me all the time, "the number on the scale doesn't matter, its the inches". Well, it matters to me! Sorry for the verting tirade! Let me know your decision is on joining.