Monday, January 17, 2011

Let's Get Real

I haven't weighed in at Weight Watchers for about 6 weeks. I have been stepping on the scale at home and I haven't lost one single pound. In fact, I've gained a couple but have managed to get them off and I am back to where I was when I weighed in all those weeks ago. I NEED to go back to WW!

I also haven't tracked one bless-ed thing that I've put in my mouth. As I blog I have a bag of spice drops in front of me. How many points can they be? I don't even want to know. I think I'll be weighing in either tomorrow or Wednesday...I have a weird schedule this week thanks to a college daughter that will need a ride to work both days.

It's not that I don't want to lose weight. I want to. I'm wondering if I don't want it bad enough?! How can that be? I really want to buy beautiful clothes and feel better about myself. It's a new year and it can be a new me...right?! Ok...let's get real. I'm going back!

I have a goal to lose 10 pounds by Feb 15...that's 2 days after my 47th birthday. Here we go....


  1. How are you coming on your birthday goal? I love your blog. I ran across it through a comment you made in LeAnn's blog. I'm not really a "blogger," but I think I'll try a little harder to make the change:). I struggle as well with wanting to buy skinnier clothes and feel good in a swimsuit but the more I think about it the stronger my cravings seem to become. Ahhh!

  2. I'll go walking with you ANY time you want!! We'll push the strollers around and have some good chats!

  3. Christine...when it warms up I'll take you up on that! I don't think my joints can handle it right now.