Sunday, June 24, 2012

7 Months +'s been so long since I've blogged (April 6 was my last post) that they've changed the blogger format in the mean time.

 Whoa! OK. So...what's been happening? Well, in April I had a daughter and son in law graduate, we packed up our house to get ready to move and in May we moved. It was only 5 miles but it was still a process. I did take a picture in May (on the 5th to be exact) These are me wearing my new Old Navy size 16 jeans. They are tight in the picture...don't get me wrong but I could get my butt into them AND this size XL shirt from Old Navy too!

May was a rough month weight wise. I didn't really lose all that much according to what I "should" be losing, but I did go down another 10 pounds during the month. "They" say that you should lose about 3-4 pounds a week but I haven't done that. I also wasn't exercising or eating enough protein at the time. I'm trying to correct that.

So a few milestones in the last couple of months, I am able to purchase Q size panty hose. That might seem like it's not something to be proud of but when you had to buy "Just My Size" and just my size was at times a 4X a Q size sounds pretty darn good to me!

I am solidly in a size 16 now. My 18's are too big and I'm on my way into a size 14. Another milestone...I actually got a size 12 pair of jean on my body without lying down on the floor to zip them up. They are NOT my size but the fact that I could get them on and zip them up is A. MAY. ZING.!!!

Here's a picture from today next to my "night before surgery" photo.

Another milestone...I am now wearing a size 38 DD bra! I was wearing a 36 C when I was 20 and my biggest size was a 44D. I'm sure this is more information than anyone ever wanted to know about me but it's my story.

Today I had my husband take a picture of me in a pair of pants that were at one time tight. When I put them on he said, "First of all those had to have been big on you!" And I was like, ", they were actually tight at one point!" Another amazing thing. I only wish I'd tucked the shirt in better for the picture because you might be able to see how much bigger in the waist they really are. Anyway...I'm not half my former size but I'm getting there!

I'm exercising more and hope to see some further weight loss numbers but in the mean time I am feeling much healthier. I actually got on a bike for the first time in years and rode 2 miles with my son. It was really freeing to be on a bicycle and ride. I'm working on trying to get the "bat wings" a little smaller and working on drinking more water, eating more protein etc.

Here is a pic of me after church today. I can't tell you how wonderful it is to go and buy clothes right now. I can go into a store and pick out a size 16 and try it on and have it fit! It almost makes me cry! I remember when I was a junior size 15/16 in high school and how I would cry because I couldn't find anything in my size. (If only I'd not shopped in the junior department and shopped in misses where clothes fit a woman's body and not a boy body with boobs)

I got this Michael Kors dress yesterday at a consignment shop called Clothes Mentor for $11! I literally get goosebumps finding clothes for cheap and have gotten quite a few things at thrift stores as well. No sense in spending outrageous amounts of money on clothing that I will have to give away or resell at some point. When I do reach my desired goal...I swear I'm going to buy some fabulous, very expensive piece of clothing. I don't know what it will be but it will be STUNNING!

Oh and my hair looks a little crazy, I "zhuzzed" it up to quote Carson Kressley and I think I went a little nutso!


  1. I'm so happy for you and so proud too. I know this isn't easy. Your looking so great.. Way to go my friend!

  2. Rennie, you are an inspiration! Way to go!

  3. Lookin good lady! It's been fun to follow you here, and I love the pics you've posted!! It's so fun isn't it? I swear I still haven't gotten tired of shopping for clothes and catching my reflection in windows, doors and mirros!! And it still surprises me every morning when I wake up and see a skinny girl in the mirror! :) Ahhhh~ Life is good!

    1. Thank you Sharon! YOU have been an inspiration!

  4. Rennie I haven't visited your blog in so long. To be frank I had no idea of you size difference. I guess every time I have looked at you I have seen you a gorgeous lady. But you look so much more healthy in your after pictures. What a lovely woman you are and how lucky you husband to get his 20 year old wife back.