Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday

It's Black Friday. Today used to be the day that retailers nationwide would recover from any slumps they had during the year and be "back in the black" as far as their profit margins. In the past I've done my part to help this happen but in recent years haven't really gotten up early to fight the crowds. This morning was a little different.

This morning at 2:25 a.m. I got up out of my warm bed after sleeping for only 3.5 hours. My daughter and I got up to go to Old Navy which was opening at 3 a.m. I knew I would not be the first person in line, nor did I want to be. All I wanted was a frost free coat for my son that was on sale for $15. I didn't even care about anything else.

We got to the store around 2:55 and the doors opened and within about 10 minutes we were inside and I bolted for the boys' section. I grabbed 3 different coats in his size and pushed my way through the crowd to find my daughter to ask her which one she thought I should purchase. We chose a simple black jacket and shopped for a couple of more things and got in line. The line went in front of the registers down to the back of the store, across the back of the store and then back down towards the front. We stood in line for about 45 minutes but I got my son his coat!

We got home around 5 and I went back to bed. I really wanted to sleep in but I was also determined to go and weigh in at Weight Watchers today.

As for Weight Watchers and Black Friday.... I knew I should go even though I had no idea how I would do. I could be "in the black" and be up or I could be "in the red" and losing. Unfortunately I was "in the black". Up 2 pounds. I will attribute some of that to the fact that I wore heavier clothing since it was really cold today, that thanks to mother nature I'm experiencing "feminine issues" and mostly to the fact that I haven't even signed on to WW to enter my points for the last 2 weeks. How pathetic is that?

I KNOW that I can't keep track of the points mentally in my head. I also know I can't keep track of my checkbook in my brain and yet I never write anything down in the register and am constantly "surprised" at how much money I've really spent. Well...I wasn't really surprised at the fact that I'd gained weight....again.

Why can't I just write it down??? If you snack it...track it!!! This week will be better.

I am proud of myself though for even going to weigh in today. Of all the people in my group I was the only one who weighed in today. Although I couldn't stay for the meeting the leader congratulated me for coming in and being accountable.

I think I need a specific goal for the week. Any suggestions before I really start out the weekend?


  1. Well sounds like you might have already answered your goal for the week. Enter points consistently? Maybe pick a time each day that you will enter them. If you do this, send me a reminder. Not that I'm entering points at this time but it might remind me to THINK. Its SO SO easy to just not THINK about it. You will have a great week!

  2. good job on being accountable! I would not have gone in the day after Thanksgiving! And to be up only 2 lbs after that plus mother nature is good. You will be down next time!