Sunday, November 22, 2009

Where have I been? I didn't get to WW on Friday like I should have. It's not that I was afraid to weigh in...I had to go to school and help with my son's Thanksgiving Feast! (I think I might have lost a pound last week.)

Let's talk about Thanksgiving for a minute shall we? Remember when you were a kid and you got together with family and friends and you couldn't sit at the table with the adults? Where did you sit? You had to sit at the "kid's table".

The kid's table was fine when you were small but it was torture when you were 11 or 12. By then you wanted to sit at the regular table where you could serve yourself and cut your own food. More importantly as an could get your own dessert!

Let's be honest! I LOVE dessert. Pie, cookies, cake, candies, anything sweet. I think it's in my dad was a total sweet lover, my grandmothers both loved sweets too. My dad's mother used to make a couple of things that I loved for some reason. Thinking back on it I have to wonder why this was her choice of "poison"...she would get the heal of a nice crusty French bread, dig out the light fluffy bread in the center and put olive oil and sugar in the bottom of it. I LOVED eating that.

The other thing she taught me to eat was bread dipped in Carnation sweetened condensed milk. Even as I type this I get a craving for it! I haven't eaten it in years but I can seriously taste it! It sounds gross but to me it was divine! our last WW meeting we talked about how to make our Thanksgivings less about food and more about family. I remember one year doing Christmas crafts as a group. It was nice because we sat around the table and talked and created. It was bliss. Someone else had a great idea which I think I appreciate now because my dad passed away 16 years ago. She said that each one of the kids got to ask a member of the family about any interesting events or memories that happened to them at the same age as the child asking the question. (Does that make sense to you?) The child interviewed the person and wrote it down and then presented it to the rest of the family.

I don't know what we'll do this year as a tradition to make it less about food and more about family. If you have any ideas feel free to comment.

I am glad that I won't be sitting at the children's table though because I plan on serving myself dessert. It will be a rough day since I have to weigh in the day after Thanksgiving....we better eat early!


  1. My family has always played fun games together and/or went to a movie together. My husband's family all get together and play a football game to burn off some calories and have a blast :-) It is so much fun with family of all ages out there, especially since we have enough to make 2 football teams ;-)

  2. Yes the kids table was fun as a kid. But that is where I learned a few bad things. Like when my older cousin taught me that in some other country it is most polite to wipe your face on the tablecloth as a sign of a good meal. Since I was always the youngest I graduated to the adult table fairly young or I would have been sitting alone. I remember my first adult table formal meal at my aunts. I was so ready to impress by showing my gratitude for a delicious meal and wiping my face on the tablecloth. I waited for just the right moment when I knew I could get everyone's attention and was anticipating comments showing how impressed they were with my world knowledge. I'm sure you can imagine what ensued. To say the least I was extremely confused at what the excitement was all about! :)

    BTW - we didn't dip bread in the sweetened condensed milk. My mom and I would open a can and just take a spoonful and put it in the refrigerator and dip into it on occasion. Thanks for reminding me of another great habit I picked up as a kid. Gratefully I don't have that urge any longer.