Saturday, November 14, 2009

I was a Puff Momma! last week when I weighed in at WW I had a 4 pound gain. This was after flying 36 hours prior to weighing in. Supposedly flying can make you retain water. It has something to do with the cabin pressure and the lack of movement. I was willing to grasp that straw because I knew I'd eaten more junk than I should have but I honestly didn't feel like I'd gone crazy. I was, however, willing to accept my fate because I didn't track AT ALL while I was gone.

So I prayed for a loss this week of at least the 4 pounds I'd gained the week prior. Along with praying I went back on a diuretic that my doctor had prescribed a while ago. I'd been off of them for a while but with the gain and the fact that my legs, hands, feet and face were showing signs of swelling due to water retention I took the pills.

And so yesterday I made my way to WW. I got there, shed my sweater and shoes and stepped up onto the scale. I tried not to look at Adrienne while she recorded my weight and then looked at me with delight in her eyes and said...."You're down 5.8!" I swear angels were singing!

So I managed to get the 4 pounds off as well as another 1.8. Success! I am happy this weekend.

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  1. nice job! I never weigh myself the first few days after returning from a trip. I have been known to retain water, especially while flying, so I don't even want to depress myself. Look at you go, though. That's enough to keep you going for another week. . . right?