Tuesday, October 19, 2010

I'm a loser

These photos didn't show up the way I wanted them to but they're supposed to represent 1.4 lbs which is how much weight I lost this week!

The grand total for 4 weeks:


So...let me be perfectly honest. I was biting my fingernails when I stepped on the scale today. This week, I've tracked but not as good as I did last week. I did more exercise this week though, I went to Zumba and on a couple of walks. (Maybe someday I'll love exercise but I highly doubt it.) I have been watching my portions but I sabotaged myself by bringing Pretzel M&M's into the house. I did count out 17 M&M's to myself and counted every point....a couple of times, meaning I had more than 17 M&M's.

If you've never been overweight you can't relate to this ritual, but this morning I wanted to make sure I'd given myself every advantage when I went to weigh in. I didn't eat this morning, actually I never eat the morning of weigh in. I usually never even have any water because it weighs something and I don't know if I can pee it out before I have to step on the scale. Before I showered I got on the scale, after I showered I got on the scale, then I dried my hair and got on the scale. Then I put on my underwear and got on the scale. After getting dressed I....got on the scale. I took off the pants I had chosen, put on a different pair and got on the scale. I put on some jewelry and got on the scale again. Then I took that jewelry off and put on some other jewelry which was actually .2 of a pound lighter! Why did I go through this you might ask?

According to my scale I hadn't lost anything this week and I did not want to go in to WW showing I'd gained. I could live with staying the same but I did not want to weigh more than I did last week so every ounce counted today!

Lucky for me my scale must be a little off or something but I'm down 1.4 pounds. I feel good about being able to keep it up for the last 4 weeks but 4 weeks is nothing when you have so many more to go.

I still need to keep in mind that there will be good weeks and bad weeks but it's about learning to live a different, healthier lifestyle. It's about life changes not just dietary changes.


  1. Yea!!!!! Congrats Rennie! Just so you know you have done more in 4 weeks that I have done in a year! When I weigh in I have the same ritual as you no food/no water, however I wear the exact same clothes each week so that my weight won't be off. I would loose the jewelry or at least take it off before you weigh. Keep it up girl!

  2. Thanks Jones'n! I usually wear the same clothes too but I was going out to do some visits first and didn't want to wear my sweats.