Friday, October 1, 2010

Minus 2.2

On Tuesday, Sept 28th I went in for my first weigh in at Weight Watchers. I've had several first weigh in's at WW in my lifetime! My experience has been that the first week is always a banner week for me. Typically I lose around 4 pounds and a couple of times was even down 6 pounds in the first week!

During my first week on the program this time, I tracked EVERY single thing I put in my mouth....good, bad or ugly it went on the tracker.

Before I left for my initial weigh in I weighed on my scale at home and there was a slight difference in the scale at WW and my scale at home but I accounted for that during the week when I would weigh at home. According to my scale at home, by the appointed weigh in day, I was down 4 pounds. "Not bad!", I thought to myself.

To my amazement when I got on the scale at WW on Tuesday I was only down 2.2 pounds. I am very superstitious about weighing on the same scale at WW each time so it wasn't the fact that I had weighed on a different scale. It just didn't show the weight loss I had anticipated and frankly, I was very disappointed.

I stayed through the meeting as we talked about how to shop at the grocery store, but my mind was on that 2.2 pounds of weight loss and how I wanted it to be more. After the meeting, part of me just wanted to go through the drive through at McDonald's and get a Big Mac! I started to have the mindset that if I was only going to lose 2.2 pounds the first week even after tracking everything that I was doomed! What kind of craziness is that?!

Instead of driving up to the nearest McDonald's, I ate one of my Weight Watchers Mini Caramel treat things for 1 point and drove home to have my Weight Watchers Santa Fe Rice and Beans frozen meal for lunch. It's excellent by the way, and very filling. Crisis averted.

Before I could get really depressed about my "unsuccessful weight loss number" I Googled a photo of a pound of fat. I've done that before but I needed to see it again. As I looked at it and realized that I'd lost the equivalent of half a bag of sugar I came to understand that I had indeed lost weight and that I was doing alright.

So, here I am in week 2 and doing pretty well. I've stepped on the scale every morning and can see small weight loss daily. That keeps me motivated. Here's to weigh in day on the 5th...

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