Thursday, July 22, 2010

Day 3- I've Always Liked Slides

What, not the image you had in mind for a slide? Hmmm...if I wouldn't bleed to death I might think that particular slide was a good idea....especially since I could use a little (ok A LOT) shaved off my butt!

Anyway...yesterday morning I got the house sort of straightened up and took my son to the pool. I basked in the bright sunshine for a little while, until perspiration actually dripped down my neck, and then got into the pool myself. I managed to swim about 7 laps. It's not an olympic sized pool by any stretch of the imagination but it was movement and it did feel good.

As for eating yesterday I started out with a fresh yogurt strawberry and banana smoothie. It was excellent and although I really wanted something else after that, I got dressed and we went to the pool instead. By the time we got home at 11:30 I was pretty starving though.

Lunch consisted of more chicken salad, this time on one of those Arnold Sandwich Thins. Those are pretty delicious if you haven't tried them. I also had a salad with lite Ranch dressing. I really need to go get my favorite dressing which is Ken's fat free Caesar dressing.

About an hour or so after that I was hungry again! Some days are like that for me. I just want to snack. So I opted for Smart Pop kettle corn. The whole darn thing is only 1 point for Weight Watchers so I chomped away.

Through the day I also managed to eat two 100 calorie pack snacks. I told you it was a snacky day for me. I also chewed a lot of gum yesterday! Note to self...stock up on Extra gum next time you're at Walmart.

By the time dinner time came I wasn't in the mood to cook so while my husband and son ate left overs and cereal respectively. I had another chicken salad sandwich and a salad.

In the evening my husband went to do a little service project for a lady in our church and I went with him. It took a little longer than we expected and it was HOT outside. Our 9 year old was with us and he was really good so on the way home we stopped at Braum's. It's an ice cream joint. They also have real food and a little grocery store. Kind of an odd combo but it works for here.

Anyway...Braum's is one of our favorite places. I mean, you can get a single scoop waffle cone for $1.25!!! So...that's where I slid. I indulged in a single scoop of German Chocolate ice cream in a waffle cone. I have NO idea what the caloric intake was. I seriously need to get moved so I can unpack my scale and get back to WW for real!

I'm counting the pluses and the minuses for yesterday and moving forward today. So far it's 8:44 and I haven't had breakfast but I'm headed in that direction now. Probably another smoothie and maybe some oatmeal.

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  1. You are thinking about what you are eating and trying to make better choices. That's the first step! As soon as you unpack make sure the scale is the first thing and use it! YOU CAN DO THIS!!! I am still plugging along after almost a year on WW and just lost my first 10 pounds. Talk about frustrating!!! I've realized it's all about choices and sometimes I get frustrated and just want to eat a half a gallon of Publix brand Bear Claw ice cream, because I am pretty sure I can and I won't be sick after, but then I realize it will only result in the same cycle. It takes time and you just need to give yourself that. Walking is great -- that's all I do anymore I haven't been to the Y all summer and I am loosing more weight and inches then when I drug myself in there every stinking day and spend all morning!!! I find if I make myself be busy - clean or just be out of the house it really helps! Just make sure when you leave the house you bring a healthy snack! Stick to it....I KNOW YOU CAN DO THIS!!!

    Love and miss you guys!!!