Friday, July 23, 2010

Day 4 and Day 5-Not so Good Days I didn't blog this morning because I left the house at 8:30 and didn't come back until around 3:30 or so. It's been a long day. And a horrible day for eating, as was yesterday.

Yesterday I felt so snacky all day. It could be stress...I have a lot to do in the next week. I think I chose better than I have in the past, tried to stick to 100 calorie packs but I seriously ate 3 of those things. I should have had a Snickers least I would have enjoyed it more!

Went out to dinner last night with friends and we went to Chipotle. I meant to look up WW points on Dottie's blog thing but didn't and although I ordered a salad with beans and chicken I think I should have left off the sour cream drizzle, guacamole---not a drizzle, and the corn. I have no idea what the calorie content of that little doozy was.

This morning I ate a bowl of Special K with half a banana and some Splenda. I also had a glass of Lite Pomegranite Raspberry juice. Only 5 calories on the juice so I felt fine about that. I really did start off well but then by 12:30 I was starving. We were out in the BOONIES and seriously THE only place was Sonic. There is nothing diet at Sonic. I should have gone for a jr. burger and tots but I didn't. I actually ate a regular hamburger and ordered a large onion rings. Thankfully the 2 other people with me ate half the onion rings but seriously I felt sick after I ate.

Tonight I had 3 slices of a medium Dominos pizza with ham, pineapple and black olives on it. I would have been ok with 2 but then my husband offered me a third piece. I swear he's a "feeder". Another topic for another blog.

So I am feeling really crappy tonight...hence the cartoon at the top. Tomorrow WILL be better. I have some yummy nectarines on the counter waiting for me in the morning.

Note to self....drink more water and recognize your thirst isn't hunger.

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  1. You should really be eating 6 small meals a day. That way you won't be so hungry in between meals! Save your nectarines for your snacks! And have the special K again for breakfast! Nectarines are perfect right now! I have a couple in my fridge too! Good luck! And remember, just because you have a couple bad days, doesn't mean today can't be good!