Monday, July 26, 2010

If Day 4 and 5 were bad...

then days 6 and 7 were disgusting!

After YEARS of dieting and losing weight and gaining weight I DO know certain things. One of those things is that having junk in your house is weight loss suicide!

I do have healthier choices in the house but when there is a pan of caramel brownies on the counter a nectarine just doesn't sound or smell as good. I shouldn't have even had ONE but I did and then I had another 4 or even 5 in the last 18 hours. I didn't make them, my daughter did but I didn't stop her, in fact I asked her to do it. What is wrong with me?

This weekend we packed more boxes, did good deeds, went to church, and ran errands. Too many unhealthy choices in food. I didn't want to go to a restaurant to eat so we opted for fast food too many times this weekend. I have to think more about what I am putting into my mouth. Maybe I need a buddy?? A person that I would actually tell how much I weigh. Could I do that? Can I tell someone who knows me what the actual numbers on the scale say?!???? I'll have to give that some thought.

We start moving tomorrow and I'm determined to make a fresh start in many aspects of my life.

So far today is not a total loss. I WILL make changes for the rest of the day.

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  1. Rennie--I would be happy to be your "buddy." Give it some thought. I need a buddy, too, but I want someone who works out like I do. I either have friends who don't lift weights or I have friends who are waaaayyyy into running. I have never had a workout buddy. . . not that we would workout together because of the distance, but you know what I mean. I also know better so why don't I do better? I think you are totally eating lots/poorly because of stress. . . when do you move? yay, like I said. I would be doing the same thing!!!

    Hope your day gets better!